2022 International Conference on Agri-photonics and Smart Agricultural Sensing Technologies (ICASAST 2022)
Dr. Daming Dong


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Dr. Daming Dong

National Engineering Research Center for Intelligent Equipment Agricultural 

Speech Title:Title:Molecular and Atomic Spectroscopy used in Agriculture: Gas and Soil Sensing


Today, optical and spectroscopic measurement techniques are developing fast and used more in applications. By the different physical process and the interactions between light and material, spectroscopy can be divided into molecular and atomic spectroscopy, both of which can demonstrate the components of unknown samples by their spectral characteristics. In this presentation, some recently developments in spectroscopy used in gas and soil measurement will be introduced. Some molecular and atomic spectroscopy methods, such as monitoring of harmful gases emissions from livestock using laser spectroscopy, measurement of volatiles from food using infrared spectroscopy, and nitrogen measurement in farmland soil using laser plasma spectroscopy will be discussed. We will focus on the mechanism of each method, chemometric calibrations and noise filtering methods.

Key Words:  molecular spectroscopy, atomic spectroscopy, infrared, laser plasma

Brief biography:

Dong Daming, Ph.D., researcher, deputy director of National Engineering Research Center for Intelligent Equipment Agricultural. Long engaged in infrared and laser spectral sensing technology research. Proficient in photoelectric system design, photoelectric detection technology, sensor design and development, presided over the design of a variety of soil, gas, water quality sensors and monitoring systems. In 2015, 2017 and 2018, he won the Beijing Science and Technology Award three times. He was selected as one of the national Talents Project, Beijing High Innovation Program, the first Outstanding Young Agricultural Scientist of the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Cultivation Program for Outstanding Agricultural Research Talents. He won the 20th MAO Yisheng Young Science and Technology Award and the Young Scientist Award of Chinese Optical Society. He was supported by the National Science Foundation for Outstanding Young Scholars in 2016 and the Science Foundation for Outstanding Young Scholars in Beijing in 2019. For the last five years, As the first author/corresponding author in PNAS, Chemical Communications, Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Science and Technology, Scientific Reports and other authoritative magazines published more than 40 SCI papers. 40 patents have been granted (including 2 international patents, 1 US patent, 19 invention patents and 18 utility model patents).