2022 International Conference on Agri-photonics and Smart Agricultural Sensing Technologies (ICASAST 2022)
Prof. Xinming Ma



Prof. Xinming Ma

Professor of Henan Agricultural University

National Candidate for the New Century Hundred Thousand Talents Project

Speech title: Study on the measurement and counting method of wheat seedling stage population and mature panicle number


The number of wheat population at seedling stage is an important index to determine the number of wheat ears. The number of ears per unit area at maturity is one of the "three elements" of wheat yield, which directly affects wheat yield. Monitoring the size of wheat population at seedling stage and the number of ears before harvest is very important for wheat production. In order to solve the problems of time-consuming and laborious manual traditional investigation, a low-cost automatic identification and counting method of basic wheat seedlings and ears is discussed. The results showed that the photogrammetry of wheat seedling plant image was realized by ARCore, and the measurement accuracy was 99.8%; The rapid recognition of the number of basic wheat seedlings at seedling stage was realized by using 45 ° overhead photography combined with image processing technology. The recognition accuracy of 1 ~ 4 leaf stages of basic wheat seedlings was more than 95%; Based on smart phone, using machine learning and transfer learning technology, a wheat ear recognition model is constructed, and the model R2 is more than 0.95. It shows that it is feasible to use AR and image processing technology to realize the recognition of basic wheat seedlings, and smart phone and transfer learning technology to realize the rapid recognition and counting of wheat ears.

Brief biography:

Ma Xinming, is currently a professor and doctoral supervisor of Henan Agricultural University, dean of the School of Information and Management Sciences, a national candidate for the New Century Hundred Thousand Talents Project, an academic technology leader in Henan Province, an outstanding young scientific and technological expert in Henan Province, Henan Province teacher moral model. He is currently the vice chairman of the China Farming System Research Association, an expert member in the field of “Agricultural Informatization” for the National Agricultural Extension Master, the director of the Henan Agricultural Informatization Research and Application Center, the executive director of the Henan Crop Society, the executive director of the Henan Agricultural Information Technology Branch, and the executive director of the Henan Agricultural Information Technology Branch. Director of the Wheat Research Association. Mainly engaged in scientific research and teaching of precision farming and information technology, presided over the completion of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National "863" Program, the National "Tenth Five-Year" Food Safety Major Project, the National Achievement Transformation Project, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Agriculture Science and Technology Research projects, such as the Ministry of Education’s Ph.D. Fund, the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration’s major tendering project, the Henan Provincial University Outstanding Scientific Research Talent Innovation Project Fund, the Henan Provincial New Century Excellent Talent Support Program, the Henan Provincial Science and Technology Research and the Henan Provincial Natural Science Foundation and other scientific research projects20 remainder. He has successively won 7 second prizes and 3 third prizes of provincial science and technology progress awards, and won the first prize of national "863" project science and technology advanced workers; ", "Journal of Applied Ecology" and other core journals published more than 90 academic papers; editor-in-chief or associate editor of 8 textbooks (monographs).