2022 International Conference on Agri-photonics and Smart Agricultural Sensing Technologies (ICASAST 2022)
Prof. Jiandong Hu



Prof. Jiandong Hu

College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Henan Agricultural University

Speech title: (Localized)Surface plasmon resonance biosensor for the detection of plant hormones


(Localized) surface plasmon resonance(SPR/LSPR) systems are described for the determination of abscisic acid (ABA). Some of these systems are making use of gold nanoparticles and consists of a broadband light source, a multi-channel alignment device, and a fiber spectrometer and some systems are constructed using SPR sensors or optical fiber together with LED and PD. The method is based on the specific interaction between an ABA-binding aptamer and ABA. In this talk, the growth of gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) functionalized with a polyadenine-tailed aptamer will be induced to act as optical probes. Different concentrations of ABA give rise to varied morphologies of grown AuNPs. This causes a change of absorption spectra which is recorded by the system. ABA can be quantified by measurement of the peak wavelength shifts of grown AuNPs. Under optimized conditions, this method shows a linear relationship in the 1 nM to 10 μM ABA concentration range. The detection limit is 0.51 nM. The sensitivity of the ABA assay is strongly improved compared to the method based on salt-induced AuNP aggregation. This is attributed to the use of a poly-A tailed aptamer and the catalytic ability of AuNPs. In the actual application, the ABA concentration of ABA in fresh leaves of rice is measured with the maximum relative error of 8.03% in comparison with the ELISA method.

Brief biography:

Hu Jiandong, professor of Henan Agricultural University, vice president of College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. His research interests include optical biosensor technology and instrumentation, laser molecular spectroscopy. The main courses are sensor principle and Application (undergraduate), SCM principle and interface Technology (undergraduate), modern sensing Technology (Master), Intelligent Detection and Monitoring (Master). At the same time he is the director of international agricultural laser technology joint laboratory in henan province, zhengzhou city agricultural testing technology and instruments, director of the key laboratory of henan agricultural university in agricultural engineering research center of testing technology and instrument, director of henan institute of measurement in members, senior members of agricultural engineering society of China, henan agricultural electrification and automation of key subjects, academic leaders, Academic technology leader of Education Department of Henan Province.

Scientific Research Projects


(1) National key research and development plan project: research and development of soil bioavailable nitrogen and phosphorus in-situ extraction and testing equipment and standard development, project approval number: 2017YFD0801204, 2017.07-2020.12, 2.75 million


(1) National Natural Science Foundation of China, Research on a new method for detection of endogenous hormones in wheat by optical localized surface plasmon resonance of nucleic acid aptamer gold nanoparticles, project approval number: 31671581. 2017.01-2020.12, 620,000

(2) General Project of Natural Science Foundation of Henan Province, Research on New Technology of Spectral Detection of Plant Stress Hormone Abscisic Acid, Project Approval Number: 162300410143, 201, 6.01-2019.12, 100,000