2022 International Conference on Agri-photonics and Smart Agricultural Sensing Technologies (ICASAST 2022)
Prof. Long Qi


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Prof. Long Qi

Professor of South China Agricultural University

Visiting professor of University of Manitoba

Guangdong Province Laboratory of Lingnan Modern Agricultural Science and Technology

Speech title:Rapid Sensing of Soil Texture and Porosity based on Image Sensor and Machine Learning


Soil texture and porosity are important indicators reflecting soil fertility, which are of great significance to agronomic decision making and environmental applications. However, their characterizations in the laboratory are laborious and highly time-consuming, often costly and thus, not affordable for a considerable number of samples.Therefore, a novel, low-cost, rapid sensing device is required.We proposed a method for proximal sensing of soil particle sizes using a microscope-based sensor and bag of visual words model (BoVW). A BoVW computer-vision algorithm was used to extract the surficial characteristics pertaining to color and roughness. Regression models were applied to correlate BoVW extracted features with the sand, silt, and clay content measured by the hydrometer method.Furthermore, we proposed a sensing method for soil porosity based on an industrial camera and the statistically optimal threshold method. The soil in-situ images were collected in layers by the image sensor, and the optimal segmentation threshold of soil pores was found. The least squares model was used to correlate the segmentation data with soil porosity by cutting ring sampling method.

Key words: Soil texture; Soil porosity; Image sensor; Microscope-based sensor; Machine learning; Bag of visual words (BoVW) model; Regression model; Statistically optimal threshold method; Least squares method

Brief biography:

Qi Long, born in November 1979, is a researcher, doctoral supervisor/master supervisor. Field management mechanization post scientist of National Rice Industry Technology System; Lingnan Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Guangdong Laboratory PI (Key Technology and Equipment of Intelligent Rice Production). Deputy Director of Guangdong Rice Transplanting Machinery Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center; Deputy director of Guangdong Agricultural fog Computing Engineering technology Research Center. He is also a visiting professor of University of Manitoba, Canada, vice Chairman of youth Committee of Chinese Agricultural Machinery Society, Vice Chairman of Guangdong Agricultural Machinery Society and Chairman of Youth Committee. Expert of the National 14th Five-year Plan for Agricultural and Rural Science and Technology Innovation, expert of the sixth National Technology forecasting intelligent agriculture, expert of the first Discipline Consultation expert group of Guangdong Basic and Applied Basic Research Fund Committee (mechanical discipline).